The choice

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“Take your choice.

We’ll strip you,

no matter what you choose.

Are you to be dragged through nettles for a thousand miles,

or to be pressed into gorse for a thousand hours?

Alternatively, you can confess your sins, now.”

The pilgrim smiled,

scratched his beard,

and smiled.

I confess that

I have sinned, uproariously,

I have basked in the glory of indecision,

I have procrastinated with aplomb.

I confess that,

in the face of pain,

in the armpit of shame,

in floods of indecency,

I have not made up my mind

about how to suffer.

Do with me as thou will’st.”

Diary note No 15 – A Social Audio Book Club

What’s the point of joining a book club?

Wouldn’t you be better spending your time writing a book?

What’s the point of talking, when you could be reading?


I invented an idea that’s new to me.

I thought:

How about an audio book club?

“How about a social audio book club, on LIMOR, not WhatsApp?

  • The Rick O’Shea Bookclub is online.
  • There are lots of face-to-face book clubs.

In the whole of human history, there has never been a social audio book club.

Daily Note No 7 : Surviving on Audio

I’m staying indoors as much as I can. This morning, I’ve been to Doctor Dara Byrne.

There is nothing to do for my health except keep hydrated.

If my phlegm turns from yellow to green, I now have a prescription for an antibiotic, Amoxicillin.

During the last 48 hours, I’ve recorded & shared audio* on LIMOR about

  • Praising Maria Popova’s new book “Figuring
  • Feeling miserable
  • Getting to see a doctor in Ireland
  • House-swapping for holidays

Recording audio keeps me going and seems to release some energy from a repository within.

(* I’ll put the audio here)


Diary note No 5 – THE INTERVIEW

The most satisfying work I’ve done recently is this INTERVIEW with my friend Ray Renati in Palo Alto, near San Francisco, California, USA.

It’s 92 minutes short.


First of a series of interviews with some of the most engaging people whom Paul O’Mahony, poet, knows.

Ray Renati is a professional actor, theatre director, podcaster, photographer, comedian, singer, father, dog-walker and more.  He lives in California, USA.

Paul & Ray met on social audio on the App Anchor, about three years ago.

The purpose of THE INTERVIEW is to introduce Ray Renati to people who don’t know him delve into the person Ray is and is becoming
(in 92 minutes)

THE INTERVIEW covers 8 topics:

Why do you live where you live?

Why do you do the work that you do? 

Why do you attract the people you attract?

Why are you so committed to the causes your espouse?

Quick questions: like “Ice cream or jam?  Reagan or Nixon?”

Why are you such a spiritual guy?

Why are you so keen to leave a legacy?

What question would you like to ask Paul O’Mahony?
You are welcome to contact Ray Renati by email at

Testing the embed code provided by AnchorFM

I’d prefer you to see a pretty audio player – though the sound quality is pure raw.

Here’s the best I can give you – because this is a site.

If only this was a site … things would look different & sound the same.

But – maybe your look would change the sound you hear?

David Gluckman, author, is here

His book is here.