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I am Paul O’Mahony, poet in Cork, Ireland. I live in a small housing estate in  Glanmire on the east side of Cork City. (I grew up in Limerick which is about 90 minutes away.)
in the province of Munster
in the Republic of Ireland (small island off the west coast of Europe).

About Paul O’Mahony, poet:

on Twitter it says: Business storytelling consultant – Podcaster – Poet – Toastmaster – Live streamer on @ Periscopeco – Foodie – + love to share Blog: https://paulhomahony.com/  

on Facebook it says: Limerick to Dublin to London to Bradford on Avon to Bath to Cork. Father – Poet – Toastmaster – Marketer

on LinkedIn it says: Consultant Storyteller at Show&Tell Communications  Here’s the profile

About Paul O’Mahony, poet:

On Anchor it says: From a small island in the Atlantic Ocean – off the west coast of Europe – you’re invited to an Irish adventure. Hyperlocal podcasting from Cork. Your host is poet Paul O’Mahony – his language is fluid & melodic (sometimes). Value-laden & political (othertimes) – Records for people who crave detail, not generalisations. Frequently there is drama & opera – Depression & Resurrection – Dog-walking – Fatherhood

On Limor it says: Cork Ireland, Poet, Podcaster, Opera lover, Storyteller, Golfer, Gin drinker, Toastmaster

Roger Overall says: Paul is one of those remarkable individuals who leaves you breathless by the depth of his business insight. Paul and I recorded a business podcast together for many months. For me, it was like a free weekly lecture. His thinking would challenge me, and often . cause me to change me opinions. He is able to drill down to the core of an issue and explain with great clarity why something works and why something doesn’t. Above all, he uncovers the human aspect in business. He is an unrelenting proponent of integrity and honesty in business. He champions the public display of core principles so that companies can engage in a truly meaningful way with their customers. He communicates from the soul and is an irresistible speaker.

Frank Hannigan says: What I like about Paul is that he is his own man. He knows what he cares about and what he is good at. His positivity and his passion shine through in his work. It is a pleasure to be in his company.

Bernie Goldbach says: Paul is a gifted communicator and a relaxed presenter. I’m always pleased to see him in full flow. Paul single-handedly captivated a packed room full of business owners when he conducted Ireland’s first live on-air Audioboo using Google Hangouts. While intriguing to see first-hand, the recording has motivated dozens of third level students to up their game as they learn to interview people and capture stories from entrepreneurs.

On CongRegation it says: Mature man living in Cork since 2005. Son of bookshop owner, grew up in Limerick, university in Dublin, 30 years in UK. Grandfather. Member of Toastmasters International.
Poet since 1995. Blogger since 2005. Big communicator via Internet. Huge into “social audio” – uses Anchor, Limor, Audioboom, Periscope, Twitter… Profession: marketing.
Loves: talking, opera, golf, black sole & tuna, gin, apples, cooking, ironing, writing, CongRegation, Eoin Kennedy, Chicago, Italy

On Show & Tell Communications it says: Paul is a writer, poet and audio broadcaster. He is a master of many social media platforms and adores the spoken word. He engages easily and brings people out of their shell. You won’t be a stranger for long in his company.
Paul has decades of business development and corporate storytelling experience. He has an uncanny ability to draw out and express the essence of a business or organisation.
He is connoisseur of many things. Opera and gin and Walt Whitman among them. His curiosity is boundless and coupled with an enthusiasm for spontaneous adventure.
Paul merges clarity with lyricism. The results are always utterly engaging.

  • Why I’m blogging here (my publishing values, hopes & causes)

  • How I’m blogging (my publishing way, style & personality)

  • What I’ll be offering you here (the stuff you’ll find on & through this blog)

Please Note:
That is not my bookshop.  It belongs to my brother. It was established by our grandfather in 1902

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