Oscar Wilde ‘The Ballad Of Reading Gaol’ on UK National Poetry Day [31 minutes]


For years I’ve wanted to read “The Ballad of Reading Gaol“.

On National Poetry Day in UK (6 October 2016) –  I did it.


Live-streaming poetry by Selima Hills & Matthew Sweeney

[Note:  This is 39 minutes.  To see all comments & heart –  click on the Periscope.TV link in the tweet above.]

Paul O’Mahony live-streaming two poems from the anthology  Staying Alive – real poems for unreal times

Cow” by Selima Hill (1945 -)  – from 15 minutes 50 seconds in.

Sleep with a suitcase” by Matthew Sweeney (1951 – ) – from 30 minutes 36 seconds