Easter Passover & Resurrection 


I rose from the dead 

We’d all love to rise from the dead
and snatch a second chance
from the teeth of history.

Which of you would refuse resurrection
and leave the stones in place
until the winter breaks?

My death was cold
and stank of feces
left by swallows fit to glide away.

I never knew how long my death would last
until I rose again from the jaws of a mystery made
before the stars exploded

and the universe was saved.





I am a wood frog in a previous life.

You would probably think I was dead

if you saw where I was inside logs and burrows


heart stopped

ice crystals in my blood.

I defrost in the warmth of Spring.


Before that, I am a deer mouse

huddled together snuggling with the others

I don’t live for long.


In my time, I am a white-tailed prairie dog, a bat, hedgehog.

I am even a skunk

suspecting that’s where I began.


Last December

I all came together in this chilled life –

until my sun got warm again.