We need a commission or a committee

[Cartoon by Martyn Turner]

Somewhere in Dublin…

“If we’re to avoid being blamed for this shambolic fraud – we better get a retired judge.”

“Surely that’s asking for trouble?”

“Never, sure won’t it all have blown over before there are any findings.”

“You mean til after the next election?”

“Hasn’t that always worked?”

‘Is there not a better way?”

“To get at the truth?”

“The truth is we have to kill this – did you hear Joe Duffy today?”

“Oh I know. That fecker’s always stirring shit.”

“Maybe we should make him a retired judge. That’d keep him quiet.”

“Joking apart, where’ll we find a judge?

“Noel or Patrick will sort it. They’re good guys.

“Where are you going now?”

“I’ve a statement to make – and after that Drive Time.”

“I’ll tell the lads.” 

“Mind you don’t leak this to Micheál.”

“Hah, ha – that’s a good one.”

Over-thinking as a way of life

Overthinking as a way of life

You have hurt me

Don’t think for a minute

I don’t know you’re about to deny it.

I know you’ve done that to me before


you’ve  probably forgotten


wiped it conveniently out of your memory


it suited you.

You’re always doing that


don’t go letting yourself off the hook


you’re the one who started this.

Aren’t you?

You might at least apologise.


you’ve apologised before


that hasn’t changed anything


what makes this time any different?

This time you’ve really hurt me


I suppose that doesn’t mean anything to you…

(And  so on…)