If I was sovereign

If I was sovereign, a dictator, over the US of A, I’d make GREEN BOOK compulsory.

I’d compel every citizen to watch* Green Book on a big screen.

(I wouldn’t make this happen overnight)

The draft plan I’m considering is here:

  1. President & Cabinet obliged to watch the movie by 1 April 2019. Penalty for failure – disqualified from office for 100 days.
  2. Senators, Representatives & Supreme Court judges by 1 May 2019. Penalty for failure to comply – disqualification for 125 days
  3. Military generals, Governors & city Mayors by 1 June 2019. Penalty 150 days
  4. Candidates for all public offices (federal & local) by 1 June 2019 – penalty for failure to watch Green Book = disqualified from ballot until next election cycle
  5. All teachers (including kindergarten & higher education) by 1 July – penalty for failure = automatic unpaid leave from office for two months.
  6. All voters by 1 November 2019 – penalty for failure to be determined after Congressional hearing.
  7. All News editors by 1 October 2019. Penalty for failure to publish review of Green Book = Fine of $3,650 rising to $365,000.
  8. All law officers, prison staff & ministers of religion by 1 September 2019 – penalty for failure to conform under consideration.
  9. Exemptions: none, except patients in authorized comas.
  10. Green Book Film studio owners & CEOs – National Medal of Honor presented by President of USA by 1 May


* NB This sovereign dictator will exert no pressure on subjects to agree with

(1) the point of view of the director, or distributor of Green Book

(2) feelings & thoughts shown & expressed by any of the characters

(3) the dictator’s views

(4) anyone else’s values.

The requirement is to watch Green Book (and remain awake in the cinema).