Leaders are Losers

Everyone I know is a loser – including my first wife.

My mother, father, sons, daughter, best friend, plus you & everyone you’ve ever met has been a loser

Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Socrates, Abraham, plus every single living thing that ever existed in the history of planet Earth.

If you think I’m over-egging it, you have the right to that opinion. You have the authority to stick to your viewpoint. You have the power to disagree.

I wager I’ll persuade you – (with inductive logic)

Manchester City lost last night. My friend Gearoid Murphy is gutted. Not only did his team lose but he lost his good humour. Last season he was a loser too.

Yesterday, my dog Louis tried to be friendly with an Alsatian. The Alsatian rejected him, Louis was a loser.

Thomas Edison was a loser. Eventually he became a winner. But after that he went back to being a loser.

Since birth, I’ve been a loser. When I was 16, I fancied Brigitte Bardot. I didn’t even make it to the races. I lose almost every time I try.

In case you think you’ve met a winner.


Note: The impulse to write this came after I heard the story of how Donald John Trump has been a loser for years, and, as a consequence, has paid no taxes for years.