[Image- painting – by Robbin T Milne – with permission]


No matter how tall the leaves of grass grow,
the snow will fall again on the field.
The rabbits are running now,
nettles feasting on sunshine,
and the bees are minding their own business,
somewhere else.

No matter my friend has lost his friend,
there will be friends again.
There is a cancer in the fields,
long shadows over hedgerows,
birds I cannot name sing without melody,
and life growing underfoot.

How are the children now? Who are the authorities?
Are there any youngsters without tears flowing,
without tears repressed, stifled?
There are shards on the road, and dust,
buttercups and dock leaves,
foxgloves, and infants on the roads.

An iron gate opens,
an iron gate shuts,
a horse looking for attention,
a gray standing still,
maybe there are fresh eggs.
Why were the children born?

There is horseshit everywhere I look
Clean it up, someone – I’ve said enough.
God bless America,
The horses have bolted,
who’s in charge here?
The leaves of grass are growing,

whether we like it or not.



I’ll dither my way to salvation

– the grey man said.

I’ll stand idly by,

blown by the wind.

I’ll keep my powder dry,

sit on the fence

until the cows come home.

I’m in love with everyone and none

– the dithering woman said.

I am a little lemming,

a lap dog in the crowd,

you’ve nothing to fear from me.

you’ll never know whom I am,

withholding my love.

a neutral heart,

throbbing without desire

This is your issue,

(I have my own).

I wish I’d never heard your stories.

I am a man.

This is for women .

Who am I to interfere?

I am a woman.

This is for more worthy minds

I wish I’d been deaf to your stories.

Wake me up

when you’ve decided

what world we should live in.

PS The polls are open now.


I will vote. Yes I will vote with my body. Yes I will vote with my mind. Yes I will vote with a heart that has a right to life. Yes – we have a right to vote for what is right, for what is love, for what is precious, for what is ordained to be true. I will vote, yes vote for what my conscience knows is the right thing to do – to make Ireland great again – to bring back the love into the fabric of our kind, considerate society – wholly Irish, wholly wholly wholly true to the one true faith, our faith in human dignity, human nature, human life.

I shall vote.

Yes I shall vote

With all my might

With all my right

Dear dear people – vote – whatever you do vote.

Yes you have won the right – to vote with love.

Yes to vote with love in your heart.

You’ll never vote alone.

Oh yes, oh yes – bless you