“You must change your life”

Do not go loudly out of the room,

slip ever so gently away.

If they know you are gone,

they won’t leave you alone.

Move swiftly away from the light.

Do not stand up when others are down,

let no one see you shine out.

If they spy you on high,

they’ll slice you apart.

Move swiftly away from the light.

Do not die out before you are born,

nor choke your voice from song.

If you spend your talents

buying time and deceit,

there’ll be nothing of you to remember

when we shovel wet soil on your grave.


Diary note No 15 – A Social Audio Book Club

What’s the point of joining a book club?

Wouldn’t you be better spending your time writing a book?

What’s the point of talking, when you could be reading?


I invented an idea that’s new to me.

I thought:

How about an audio book club?

“How about a social audio book club, on LIMOR, not WhatsApp?

  • The Rick O’Shea Bookclub is online.
  • There are lots of face-to-face book clubs.

In the whole of human history, there has never been a social audio book club.

Diary note No 15 – Follow no one’s advice

If Rilke didn’t abandon his wife & child – and go to live in poverty in Paris – would you have heard of him?

Would his poetry be in print today?

If Rilke hadn’t taken Rodin’s advice so thoroughly, would you be (even a little) curious about what made Rilke great?

Did Rodin mislead Rilke?


Did Rodin defraud Rilke out of a joyful life – by telling Rilke to do what Rodin couldn’t do?

How much gratitude is owed to Rodin for his dishonesty?

Diary note No 14 – Most important day of my life


Today is the most important day of my life.

I went to Phelan’s pharmacy for drugs.

I bought cat food from Glanmire Pet Shop, Royal Canin “regular fit feline health nutrition.”

The next thing I’m going to do is pick up my laptop. It’s been serviced.

After that, there are two rugby matches to watch.

The dinner will be a surprise.

Is it any wonder this is the most important day of my life?

Don’t make your poems rhyme

Don’t make your poems rhyme,

unless you’re a genius with syllables.

Don’t stuff yourself into a wedding dress,

nor imitate Cinderella’s sisters.

Half-rhymes are a different matter,

provided you miss the end of the line.

Ignore my view if you’re happy

to write mediocre cant,

bland, sentimental, niceties

your friends will lap up

and forget.

Crimes against umbrellas,

fine, generous and irritating

stress on the wrong core

of earth where you scatter salt

pepper, cardamom and treacle.

Stop fretting over dictionaries

in search of le bon mot.

You’re better to scatter and slant perspiration

before you blame your education.

My name is Donald Trump


Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 00.55.41


My name is Donald Trump,
I’m the leader of the band.
I piss, I fart, I shit – I jump.
Sure I know we are all grand.

I’m a man who thrives on basics.
All my hair carefully made.
See these hands forever laid.
Believe me hugher than a Phoenix.

I’m greater than they say,
You want to know my way?
Ever one to steal a deal,
you want to eat my meal?

Build em high, build em strong,
Motherfuckers, bastards, wrong.
Let us send them all back home,
Let us lock them in a SuperDome.

I know you’ll hear my strong decrees.
Let’s see, what only we can see.
Let’s call them out, those Holy Joes,
those PC pussies, I suppose.

We are the Warriors, the Warriors,
no worriers, no foreigners
No losers here.
Lend me your ear

We shall build the tallest tower.
Let’s be rid of all things sour.

Let the judges fear our wrath.
What a shower of lazy suckers.
We will turn their children back.

I am the Lord of Every Deal.
This one deserves a damn good feel.
With me you win, never grow thin.
We’re so righteous, we’ll never sin.

I will make America great
I will make the whole world wait.
We shall be forever tall
when we build that fucking wall.

My name is Donald Trump,
I’m the leader of your band…