Mind, heart & imagination of the maker

 My hope for this blog is that it will (gradually) become a special place.

Where makers of art (defined widely) will share their stuff.

Where it won’t be an occasional guest blogpost.

Where (in addition to poetry) there will be virtual sculpture, video storytelling, cartoons, music, philosophies, manifestos – all introduced.

Big work, little work, work-in-progress, personal stuff

– all introduced. 

The maker speaks – not only through the work. 

As I’ve just written to Lars

“My wish is that every piece of creative work will be introduced by the maker. Any way they like – I think people are more & more interested in a behind the scenes peek into the artist’s way.”

It’s time I went back & introduced my own work. People will explore backwards.


See: https://paulhomahony.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/do-you-need-a-computer-to-make-electronic-music/