5 thoughts on “ThoughtForToday –  23 December 

    1. Hi “pleasant street” – thanks for getting in touch. The reason I’ve been absent from Blog, periscope (and all social media) is that I’m not well. A bout of depression has stopped me communicating. As soon as I’ve recovered, I’ll start communicating again. I’m very upset by this


      1. I had a feeling that was what was wrong. I get like that too. I do miss your smiling face but I know you have to take the time you need.

        The reason I wrote you was because of the audioboom file I listened to of yours. You said that even if someone is depressed and doesn’t want to be bothered, you should visit them anyway. So I visited …

        My e-mail is pleasant.street@outlook.com if you ever need to talk. Otherwise, I do thank you for looking in. I was kind of worried about you. We folks that struggle with depression have to look out for one another.

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