“Sing the song of the flight to life” – new poem by Paul O’Mahony

Sing the song of the flight to life.

Carry your soul in your old kit bag.

Carry your city with every breath.

Carry your loves well packed in tissue.

Carry your fears in a solid box of take-on luggage

Because you will Passover

‘Cause you’ll write your Tablets,

set fire to your gods, cross your river of flowing gold

Because you’ll promise your self

a land of silk and funny dreams

Dreams of immortality

Dreams of eternality

Dreams of sick transfusions that delight your progeny

I am your flight attendant

listening in depth to your vulnerability

cheerleading you on,

throwing high the baton

while you compose your ode to joy.


sing your flight to live the life of the travelling warrior,

to explore the way of the choir of pilots who chart their soul’s journey beyond the beyond.

Come intrepid one.

Come board your flight

You are on time,

in good time to be uplifted

into the symphony I have sketched for you

and you will bring to be

the melody of a soulful life



(1) This poem was inspired by AJ Leon, Melissa Leon & all misfits (plus all that love their mission to catalyse revolutionary change to our world).

(2) This poem was inspired by the songs of Walt Whitman & the great friends I’ve gained while live streaming “Leaves of Grass” via Periscope – saved on http://www.Katch.me/omaniblog

(3) A related poem is here

Published by

Paul O'Mahony

I'm Paul O'Mahony (Poet). On Twitter you can reach me @Omaniblog A father. I work as business storytelling consultant - Podcaster - Blogger - Live streamer via Periscope - Foodie - I love to connect with people. . Live in Glanmire, Cork Ireland Europe linkedin.com/in/paulhomahony

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