At the same time 

A woman leans 

elbows on a counter,

bends her right wrist

reveals painted fingernails

ring on middle finger.

She leaves a teaspoon in an empty coffee cup.


At the same time, 

a barista rinses stained cups in a sink,

heats a filter drip 

lets water flush down a drain,

replaces a glass jar of Columbian 

Tasting notes say

“stone fruits, milk chocolate, nutty”.

His hairy calves naked,

elbows sharp. 


At the same time, 

at a wooden bar,

two men play

‘Dungeons and Dragons”,

a fat crusty roll 

washed down by tap water.

A woman in a floral dress 

leans over, close,

demonstrates the best way

to lipstick both lips.

The men don’t ask to borrow her make-up.


Bars explode and peter out…