My old school

My old school
My old school

My old school

My old classmates

My old playground

My old teachers

My old stomping ground

My old team

My old routine

You served me a dish fit for a Limerick boy, a Jesuit boy, a Roman Catholic boy, a professional boy

– doctor, dentist, auctioneer, lawyer, publican, priest, fishmonger, bookseller, architect, accountant, shopkeeper, teacher, vet, insurance broker,

Nothing on the menu for a father, lover, lorry driver, bricklayer, songwriter, carpenter, gardener, bus conductor, poet, vagrant, commercial traveller

In my day…

Experimenting with Blab

How to get better at using Blab?

This live streamed conversation with Victoria @VictoriaJamesUK + Ollie  @Ollieflj  (Oxfordshire UK) + Timm @brandideas (Sydney Australia) + Rich @firemanrich (New York State USA) :

We began relationship building. 

We finished up advertising  2 Blabs:

(1) Blab about Kindness on 22 October #GenKind24.


(2) Blab about poetry on 23 October

Reflection: We loved Blabbing conversation because it connected us

Chicago calling 

lines composed as a result of spending a Sunday afternoon in The Green Room, Chicago, in July 2014

Play with your eyes 
out of your head 

Strum the chords

out of your corners

Crawl all over

his melody 

into ecstasy  

across the tap tap 

slap into the face of her heart.

Glasses pop

into stacks

wicked slick 

beats bleat 

complete insider

Out to play 

The Green Mill pill